Monday, 12 January 2009

Cats on Tuesday...Lazy Times

The girls like these warm, lazy days. Not too hot as it was a couple of weeks ago and not cold like winter.

They tear around the place in the mornings and wake me up...usually about 4.30 am. That's what the slightly cooler weather does to them, they have more energy.

Bella wakes up from a snooze and

has a wash all over then...

makes herself at home on my knee. Too bad that I'm trying to read my book.

Mitzi reclines in front of the door,

turns to look at me as I get the camera.

Then decided the packaged air conditioner makes a really good place to pose.


Gattina said...

Your cats are apparently also alarm clocks ! and of course have to sit or nap on a carton ! Our snow is gone, it's above zero and the rain is back ! I noticed it this morning when Arthur showed up at 6.30 am wet like a sponge !

Luna said...

Maybe Mietzi is waiting for the empty cardbox to play.

Here we have rain and 5°C. That feels really warm after 2 very frosty weeks.

TorAa said...

I'm very satisfied reading the post and seeing your wonderful captures.

btw. One more week I did not participate in COT.
Simply too much to do at work for the time beeing.

Cindy said...

Cats are so fun. And, they always look so comfortable. We used to have a cat who'd put her head on the ground and roll up onto the wall like a tire and sleep like that. So odd! But what a love.
We're in northern CA and the weather has been too nice for January--my neighbor's crocus is popping up--too early! but so fun to see.

ann said...