Monday, 19 January 2009

Cats on Tuesday - Cats in Trouble

Oh yes, are they in trouble today. First of all, after a night in which I had trouble actually falling asleep, they woke me at 4.20 am this morning, tearing around the place and across the bed, and me, like mad things.

Then Mitzi found a leaf and was playing with that. It was fine, but she has the weird habit of dropping things in the water bowl to see them bob about, then up ends the lot trying to catch it. I come out and don't see the water on the floor, the next thing I know, I'm back peddling like crazy, arms windmilling trying to keep my balance on the slippery floor.

Bella cannot bear a shut cupboard door and she has learnt to put her paw underneath and hook them open, so I bark my shins on open cupboard doors. She can also get into the pantry the same way. This morning, she decided to climb all the shelves while I was in the shower and knock as much stuff off the shelf as she could. When I opened the pantry door, it look like there'd been an earthquake with stuff all over the floor. Fortunately for her, nothing was spilt or broken.

Then I changed the litter in their litter tray. I use acrylic crystals and a little gets spilt on the bathroom floor, but this morning Mitzi had a ball. She got in there and thought, "Oh goody, something to dig in." And she did. The stuff was everywhere. Now it's very easy to sweep up, that's not the problem. The problem is small grains of the stuff always seem to find their way to other parts of the house. As it's summer here, I'm always barefooted and those little grains hurt like hell to stand on.

I've told my two furry criminals that if they don't lift their game, they're going to the RSPCA.

Do we give a damn...?

Nah! She's all mouth.


Everycat said...

Hahaha! Oops sorry, probably shouldn't laugh, but it is funny (especially to us cats)


We did our first CoT post!

Gattina said...

Hahaha ! that proves again that even ladies in a certain age have wild nights ! I had the pleasure to step barefoot in some vomit this morning and hopped in the bathroom to clean my foot. But isn't it healthy to do some gymnastic when you get up ? Think positive !

Cindy said...

what a night. my mom's cat paws at her face in the middle of the night--she will feel your pain...but slick floors are something else. Be careful. And, I just bet you could tell the cats that if they'r enot careful they'll be ousted, but I bet they won't believe it! :) meow!

Alex the Blogging Kat said...

I tinkz dat Mitzi an Bella iz habin lotz ob funz!!!!!!!!!! OK?

Mrshappyanna said...

Hi there moggies :-)

We love waking our favouite human at least an hour before its breakfast time.

I (Billy) walk up and down her on the bed, and if that dosnt work, I tap dance on her bladder lol.

Lilly is more a lady, and she just waits at carpet level until one of the humans is silly enough to stick a leg or arm out of bed..she gives the limb so much love that the human is then made to feel guilty about putting limb back into bed instead of going and seeing to breakfast!!

Oh what calculating cats we are..

ann said...