Monday, 6 July 2009

Cats on Tuesday

At last! I've remembered about Cats on Tuesday. Usually by the time I remember to put up a post, Tuesday is well past...

My two are very possessive about me and there's always a bit of competition between them. If I'm talking to one, the other will come from nowhere and I have to make a fuss of her, too. However, this goes a bit far. They've appropriated my recliner chair. There's another exactly the same, but I don't sit in that one only this one, so the cats have taken over.

They both like the back, where Mitzi is, so it's always the first there who gets to sleep there. The other has to make do with the seat. As for me, I come a poor third, however, I have no qualms about removing whoever's in the chair when I want to sit down. After all, I'm in charge here...aren't I?


Gattina said...

Compliments ! you played, lol !
Cats are bullheaded and if they have choosen a place, they keep on it ! I also have these jalousy dramas here sometimes, especially between Pookie and Rosie.

michico*Adan said...

What a great spots you choose to relax!

Jack K. said...

Be careful, the cats may want new staff.

We always laughed at this:

Dogs have owners,

Cats have staff. lol

TorAa said...

That's how it is to live in a Cat's Home.
When you have two, as we do have, we have to accept the Chairs they for the moment left alone for us;-)

For the moment, it's a bit challenging:

One is pregnant
One work very hard to be.
The third, which we are cat sitters for is a castrate.
And we are going from Norway to France on Vacation in about 2 weeks time.
Could better be to Queensland and forget all about it. LOL:

Great post - as usual

ann said...