Monday, 27 April 2009

Cats on Tuesday - Strange Cat Habits

My two do some rather strange things. Bella loves jumping up onto the highest point she can find...the top of the shower, the top of the wall unit, on top of the cupboards and she has already broken an ornament. She also loves to open cupboards. I get up in the mornings and find the bathroom vanity cupboard open, the cupboards under the sink in the kitchen open and the cupboards on the wall unit open. Let's not forget the pantry doors while we're at it. She's good at sliding doors, too, including the shower...usually while I'm in it. Her latest plaything is the toilet roll. I go into the bathroom and there are reams of toilet paper on the floor, she just loves unrolling it. She also loves pulling the towels off the rails and if I have clothes on the airer, I usually find those pulled off, too. She's a one cat weapon of mass destruction. She's also very good at answering back if I tell her off.

Mitzi, on the other hand, is not destructive, although Bella has taught her to open the pantry and shower doors. However, her peculiar habit is licking my legs and feet when I get out of the shower and before I've dried myself. One explanation I've heard for this behaviour is that it's because I no longer smell like a cat. Apparently, she's offended by that, hence the licking. I actually think she likes the taste of soap! Another peculiarity of hers is that when I scritch the left side of her face, it causes an automatic reaction of her mouth opening, which I think is hilarious. Mitzi also loves rubber bands but insists on dropping them into the water bowl, then tipping the bowl over trying to get them out again. I am always having to get towels to mop the water up off the floor. She also gets lippy with me when I rouse on her, too.
Those are a few of the pecularities of my cats...what do your animals do?


Jack K. said...

Ahhh, the love good cats.

Gattina said...

I think Bella is simply bored and looks for distraction and not destruction, lol ! Can't you let her out ? Females usually don't go that far. Arthur is also a wardrobe opener specialist but none of my cats has ever played with the toilet paper !

Margaret Cloud said...

This post make me miss my Melody. Bella and Mitzi you two are so cute, I am sending you two purrs and head butts. Have a nice weekend.

Mrshappyanna said...

Hello from Lilly and Billy!

I, Billy have a a few favouite places to sit, one of them is the armchair in the window. I adore food.. and will move pretty fast when I hear the sound of the munchy treat box, but I adore sleeping too!

Lilly, my sister, is a bit more shy than me, and has only just learnt how nice it is to be worshipped. Our humans like playing on this Computer thing, so its a good place to streeetch out and demand affection. She also loves lying on her side and sticking her claws into the bottom step of the stairs :-)

Must go.. I'm worn out.. need another cat nap. Zzzzz


Anonymous said...