Sunday, 15 June 2008


Hi to everyone. I have lots and lots of news for you, but the main piece of news is that I have a sister, now. Her name is Bella and she used to live with my auntie, but when they moved, Bella wasn't allowed to live in that house (the landlord said no to pets) so mum adopted her.

We were a bit unsure of one another at first but after two or three days we started having fun. We chased each other and played hide and seek and drove mum mad, the two of us.

Then we had to go to the vet for our operations, that was really scary. I was shaking and Bella was crying. The vet people were very nice and we did have a nice sleep, but we woke up with shaved tummies and stitches. We also had to have our vaccinations and I was very sick with mine the next day but just for a little while. The day after that we had to go back for a check up and then 10 days after our operations, we had to have our stitches out. That wasn't so bad. But we have to go to the vet again on Friday to have our booster shots. Neither of us are looking forward to that.

Mum bought us lots of toys and a lovely climbing and scratching post for us to play on. But we prefer running around over the tops of the lounge and chairs. Mum gets mad at us and squirts us with a fine water spray...we don't like that, so we don't do it while she's home. But when she goes out we have good fun.

Bella can be naughty sometimes and climbs up onto the shelves. I think mum gets worried that she will break things and gives her a squirt of water. Bella also gets up on top of the shower cubicle, too.

We like it when mum opens the big sliding door and we can watch the birdies from behind the security door, and smell all the interesting smells. Sometimes the dogs next door come and say hello. Bella used to hiss at them but she doesn't now, 'cos she knows they won't hurt us.
Mum gives us lovely yummy treats that she puts in little ball toys for us. When we roll them along a treat will fall out so we can munch it up.

Mum has taken some photos of Bella and me, here they are.

Bella and me getting to know one another

Our new cat tree

Me on the 'puter chair

Bella with her snooty look (she's not really)

We like watching the birdies


Jeanette said...

Gday Robyn, Nice to see update. Welcome back to blogland.

Ahhhh While the owners away the cats do play, I hope you dont come home one day and find some precious thinks knocked of the mantle, Oh love the squirter bottle im using one on my new puppy "Penny"... take care Hugs Jan

Gattina said...

Mitzi has become a young lady and now even with a companion ! You sure changed your life after retirement lol ! You join the club of old ladies with lots of cats (like me) !
Rosie didn't have any stitches just a little hole in her belly and she was shaved only the size of a credit card. I was very surprised had never seen such a method.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

GREAT!! I love it that you have a cat blog for your TWO cats now!! You are just like us so much of a CAT LOVER!! We only have one now.Annie..We had Simon and Annie but Simon bite me so many times that i finally had to have him put to sleep!! He just would not stop it and I had to go to the doctor one time because of the bad bite. We knew if we gave him away he would just hurt someone else. I so hated it but it had to be done.
So happy that you are back in blogland. Sandy

katztales said...

Two cats is just so purrrr-fect. Glad you have company.

Andrée said...

Oh Robyn! This is wonderful news. They are so happy now (I think! LOL). We got a new one, too. George. He is a ginger tabby, too. We all have new kitties!!

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Mitzi, we are glad to hear you have a sister now! :) Having a sibling is wonderful. :) Your new cat tree looks great!

Jewelgirl said...

I love your cat tree! You are in the right place if you like cats.
Bella is a pretty name!

ann said...