Sunday, 29 June 2008

Oops, I'm a bit early for Cats on Tuesday...

Hi, this is Mitzi here. It's my turn to post now. And I'm going to tell you what Bella's been up to. She keeps getting on the table and the benches and getting squirted with water from mum. She knows she's not supposed to get on the bench or the table, but still keeps doing it.

Mum bought us a treat ball each the other day. They are small hollow balls with a hole in them. Mum puts these liver snacks in and when we roll the ball around a yummy treat drops out of the hole for us to munch up. Bella hasn't got the idea yet, so I do it for her and she can then eat the snacks when they fall out. It's quite good fun and we can have a little treat for doing it.

It's been cold lately so mum turns the warm on for us and we like to lie in front of it and warm our tummies. Then when she goes to bed, we can jump up and cuddle into her to keep warm. We both like that, but when we start playing, mum gets mad and tells us to take it to another room, she's trying to sleep.

Mum has found a really cool website and she has put our photos on with funny captions on them. It's and she really likes it. There are photos of kitties doing all sorts of things and people can put their own captions on if they want to, or vote for the photo with the best caption. Have a look at it and put your kitty's photo on with a funny caption.

Mum has taken some more photos of us, so here are a couple of them. Maybe she'll put them on the kittie's website above.

VBella and me hangin' out.

Me, looking angelic...(for once, as mum says).

Bella in her thoughtful pose.


Flip Flop Floozie said...

You always pick the BEST cats when you get them. I usually do too until it came to Simon and well as you know I had to have him put to sleep. He bit me way too much.
Annie is doing great though and seems to like it just being the ONLY ONE now.
I always love to read about your kitty's adventures. hope all is well there. Sandy

katztales said...

lovely cats. that cute look is suspicious though...what is she up to?

ann said...