Monday, 4 February 2008


Well, I'm settling down with my new mum. She's loves me very much, although she's not very keen on my claws when I get too excited playing with her. I love it when she goes to bed at night and we have a play on the bed before lights out. I also really enjoy hiding and jumping out at her when she walks past.

Sometimes I help her when she's on the computer working. I just love trying to catch her fingers as she types.

She gives me yummy food and really special milk that's made only for cats and kittens. I just love that stuff. I don't like fish though...yuk. Sometimes when mummy has cooked a chicken, she gives me some and ohhhh, that is so delicious. I have lovely crunchy bikkies for snacks during the day and mummy also puts out a bowl of fresh cool water for me. But I love playing in that. I dabble my paw in it and I can flick it all over the floor and up the walls. I like seeing how far I can spread water.

I was told off the other day for doing it though, cos mummy was getting ready for work and slipped and fell in some water I'd splashed on the floor. She didn't hurt herself though...well, not much, anyway. But she wasn't very happy with me.

When mum changes my litter tray and puts lovely clean and pretty smelling sandy stuff in, I love to jump and play in that. But mum gets annoyed when she has to get the broom and sweep it up and says that the bathroom looks like a beach after I've been playing. So she got some crystal stuff...I don't like playing in that but it's really good stuff for the litter stinkies after I've used the tray.

Mum has tied a hanging toy to the back of a chair and I love to play with that, but I got carried away and broke the bottom fluffy bit off. That's good to bat around the floor, though. I also really love the cardboard centre of a toilet roll...they are really fun to play with.

In the bathroom, there's a drain hole in the floor, just in case mum floods the place when she's in the shower, I suppose. But lovely trickly noises come from it when she washes her hands or brushes her teeth...I try to see but it's got a cover over it.

Well, I'm going to have a nap now...I'll talk to you again next week.


Gattina said...

Mitzi, you seem to be a little girl full of energy ! and you love water ! Rosie is afraid of water and runs away if she gets one drop on her fur!

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Mitzi, it sounds like you have really settled into your Forever Home. :) We have the crystal litter in our litterbox too, but we both love to dig and dig and dig so much it still gets everywhere. ;) That toy on the back of the chair looks like fun! :)

ann said...